DIABETES by John M. Poothullil


The Real Cause and the Right Cure
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A veteran physician offers an eight-week approach to reversing Type 2 diabetes through a radical restructuring of dietary and lifestyle practices.

Poothullil (Eat, Chew, Live, 2015) spent more than two decades steadfastly researching hunger, satiation, weight gain, and blood sugar sensitivity, and this controversial guide presents his revolutionary theories for eliminating diabetic illness from the human body. The author believes that sometimes “existing science turns out to be wrong.” In his estimation, Type 2 diabetes is brought about not by irreversible insulin resistance, but by lifestyle choices, which patients can control and, in doing so, effectively reverse their conditions. He supports this conclusion with a series of comprehensive chapters explaining the biology of bloodstream glucose and the nature and statistics surrounding the gradual increase in diabetic cases worldwide. Believing and factually substantiating that the overconsumption of grains is the true culprit, Poothullil discredits old medical beliefs about pancreatic dysfunction or insulin resistance. Instead, and quite revisionistically, the doctor presents eight curative steps toward achieving and maintaining a blood sugar level below the diabetic threshold. Tempting and thought-provoking, the book urgently advocates gradually eliminating dietary grains, closely monitoring weight loss, and devoting increased attention toward hunger awareness, eating behaviors, and better balanced nutrition. Dispensing more universal advice, Poothullil discourages the consumption of noncaloric sweeteners and sodas while advocating that regular exercise and mindful food choices be incorporated into daily habits to maximize the health benefits of his doctrine. He also cites a 70-year-old experiment using infants weaned from breast milk (naturally, with no adult meal experience) who were given a wide selection of organic food choices and then monitored for nutrition levels and systemic healthfulness. With such a progressive departure from more standard Type 2 diabetic treatments, Poothullil recommends to those interested in his methodology to always work closely with their primary care physicians to best apply and monitor the progress and success of his medical plan. Though it certainly has its target audience, the volume also provides sections of useful, health-positive reference material in the concluding portion, with carbohydrate and nutrition comparison charts and follow-up reading suggestions for those curious but unaffected by blood sugar imbalances.   

A provocative and illuminating hypothesis boldly challenging long-held beliefs on diabetes and its varying methods of control.  

Pub Date: July 21st, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9984850-0-3
Page count: 198pp
Publisher: New Insights Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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