THE STORY OF BASEBALL by John M. Rosenburg


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This is a full history of baseball from its origins to its present day status. From a gentlemen's sport to a national pastime, baseball captured the imagination of America. As more clubs formed, the clamor for a national association arose. Early players like Anson and Spalding won fame quickly. After proposals for a League Constitution were drawn up, the National League came into being in 1870. The ensuing corruption in the years before and after the Federal League War, the exciting pennant races, the rise of the Orioles, Cardinals, Giants, Yankees and Dodgers are fully described. Heroes pass across the pages of baseball history -- Gehrig, Ruth, Di Maggio, Robins come alive along with the feats they performed.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
ISBN: 1163819123
Publisher: Random House