IT IS A DREAM by John Manson


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The bondage of Cameron Williams to the memory of Lise Bennet, with whom he had fallen in love at college, carries him through his years in the service, and he returns from the war in the hope of having her- and marrying her. But Liae, with the telegram announcing his return, runs off to New York- where he follows her, continues her game of sexual hide and seek which taunts and tantalizes him- until she runs off again, and he marries Chris and takes an advertising job in Mexico. Now- after a few years- letters renew the old romance, a week with her in New Orleans confirms that it is stronger than ever, and he secures his divorce to join her in Italy- for a bitter revelation.... John Manson, a script writer who has also written for Coronet and Argosy, has not refined his technique for a first hardcover appearance and this dream world materializes in fleshy terms- for unselective rentals.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1957
Publisher: Henry Holt