THE CASSEROLE COOKBOOK by John & Marie Roberson


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I have two books on this subject:- Florence Brobeck's Cook It in a Casserole and Marion Tracy's Casserole Cookery This is more all inclusive than either, and combines the budget slant of the Brobeck with the provocative originality of the Tracy book. So for anyone who wants all she needs to know about casserole cooking in one sizable volume, here it is. It starts out with the kinds of casseroles, their uses, their care. Then goes on to soups, chowders and stews, eggs and cheese dishes, meats and game (economy slanted), poultry, vegetables, spaghetti and allied dishes, desserts. Comprehensive-useful- though not inspired.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1952
Publisher: Prentice-Hall