DEAD NED by John Masefield
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Not Masefield in customary vein, but a rattling good yarn at that. The first volume of an adventure story, in which a young doctor, mishandled by fate, hung by the neck for a murder he had not committed, rescued just in time by his confreres and spirited out of the country on a slaver. And there it ends, with promise of adventures on the sea and on the slave coast and the recovery of a fortune and his good name, for the next volume. The catalogue seems to indicate the story complete -- this is misleading. It is a good tale as it stands, but incomplete. Keep record of purchasers and notify them when volume two makes its appearance. The story is an incredible one but Masefield vouches for its authenticity, stating that the story in toto is a combination of two actual lives, and increasingly interesting from that angle. It is told in the first person -- the pace is well sustained.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1938
Publisher: Macmillan