WHO RULES AMERICA? by John McConaughy


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A wholesale debunking book, revealing the seamy side of government by forces of greed and graft. Not many national heroes are left intact. Jefferson and Hamilton are ripped stem from stern; Burr and Jackson are exhalted to unaccustomed eminence; Lincoln wavers slightly on his pedestal; minor prophets fade out of the picture completely. The exposÉe of successive bank scandals makes the present situation seem microscopic. The causes and motives back of wars reveal the powers of money grabbers in molding public opinion. The tariffs, the trusts, the railroad scandals, all come in for their share. Lots of sensational material, but put together in a rather helter skelter fashion, with annoying paranthetical comments, which make it hard reading. A book undoubtedly of more interest to men than to women.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1934
Publisher: Longmans, Green