EXTRA! by John McNamara


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An interesting book at this time particularly, with war correspondents playing so important a part in the war. Fifteen accounts of war correspondents, from April, 1861, when Bradley Osbon, reporter for the N.Y. World was appointed special signal officer aboard the revenue cutter Harriet Lane, as she set off to take supplies and reinforcements to Fort Sumter, through the coverage of World War I by Frederick Palmer and Richard Harding Davis, on to the present, with stories of Cecil Brown, Ernie Pyle, Quentin Reynolds, etc. Each section gives background material, telling how each man (and one woman -- Dorothy Thompson) became correspondents, and then exciting and often humorous accounts of their adventures. Extra! covers all wars, great and small, --rebellions, revolutions, uprisings, -- since the Civil War. There are such episodes as carrying of news in early days, laying of the Atlantic cable, the setting up of news bureaus in foreign countries, and always rivalry of papers and famous ""scoops""....Here's recommendation in reverse -- a book written for the teens which adults would enjoy equally!

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin