FOXY AND THE BADGERS by John Montgomery


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David and his pet fox Foxy (of Foxy and My Friend Foxy) do a good turn for the conservation cause in this bland, rather monotonous story. When it opens David is talking about their team-friendship: they play together, explore together, even sleep together on the farm in England where the eleven-year-old lives With his foster-parents. Then, after introducing his friends, David tells of the neighbors, particularly of the hoity-toity weekending Whiteways who come up from London to shoot everything in sight; it's they whom the gang foils in the midst of a willful, wanton badger-hunt with plenty of commentary on the evils of destruction. Not what you'd call compelling, but it's a nice-ish sort of book--if you're convinced by David's writing style and attracted by the unattractive format.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1969
Publisher: Schocken