THE BLUE FIELD by John Moore


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Completing the trilogy begun with The Fair Field and Brensham Village (Simon & Schuster) this is again a gently appreciative, quietly humored portrayal of English county character and landscape. This time the chronicle is given a certain cohesion in the figure of obstinate, rebellious, wayward William Hart- always very noisy when ""in drink"", and his lifetime of resistance which culminated in his insubordination towards the War Agricultural Executive Committee in the matter of his blue (linseed) field. And there are other figures coloring the narrative; the overloving land girls and their janitor, Mrs. Merrythought; the poacher Jaky; the Mad Lord Orris; the retired schoolmaster Mr. Chorlton; and Pru, William's third daughter, the Cordelia to his Lear, and her procession of illegitimate babies; etc. etc. Again impressions and incidents in minor key, less scattered, more incisive than the first two- but did they reach an American audience?

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1949
Publisher: Whittlesey House