THE SILVER HOOK by John Mortimer


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A divorce case in which his middle-aged client fights furiously for her freedom and a second chance at happiness, makes young British lawyer Ransom, thirty-ish, wonder whether he hasn't missed something vital in life in his single-minded pursuit of a law degree and practice. His vague speculations are sparked off by a chance acquaintance- Caroline- the wife of a brutal, minor league Svengali, who is determined to exert a commanding influence on those close to him. Ransom helps Caroline break Letts' hold upon her, but only to a certain extent, and they engage in a rather sad little affair, which Letts terminates just when Caroline is ready to seek a divorce. In the end, Caroline makes the conciliatory overture of phoning Ransom who wonders-as he goes to answer- if this is to be a resumption of their barren liaison. A depressing, through convincing picture of little people whose lives are hopelessly enchained by circumstantial and emotional involvements.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1950
Publisher: Morrow