THE LAST CHANCE: Tombstone's Early Years by John Myers Myers
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THE LAST CHANCE: Tombstone's Early Years

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The saga of Tombstone, Arizona, boomtown created by the silver bonanza in the '70's and '80's. It was the heyday of the rustlers, bandits, crooked sheriffs and the wild and lawless West. A natural story teller, Myers spins a good yarn in its historical background-Tombstone under Mexican rule, as U.S. territory, menaced by the Apaches in the '70's when Schieffelin brothers made their strike, and the silver millions brought the lawless into Arizona. Hero of the story was Wyatt Earp, U. S. Marshal, whose defense of law and order has the elements of a grade-A Western. Here are the saloon lined streets, dance halls, girls, gamblers, gun duels, ambushes, raids, lynchings. Pitted against Earp were the notorious bad men of the west, who eventually forced him and the members of the vigilante committees out of town on the run. Earp stalked and killed his brothers' assassins, but it took the U.S. army and martial law to restore order. Authentic Americana which makes excellent true adventure reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1949
Publisher: Dutton