FREDDY'S BOOK by John Neufeld


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There is less novel and more problem orientation in this easygoing odyssey of a boy's search for the meaning of the word ""fuck"" than in any of Neufeld's previous problem novels. Still, readers a step or two ahead of Freddy will be amused by his frustrating bout with the librarian and the card catalog and his bemusement in the face of his mother's electric plug analogy and his friends' misinformation (Johnny says fucking is bumping a girl -- ""just bumping into somebody?"" -- and Neil explains that ""your peter goes into a lady and. . . pretty soon, a baby in there grabs hold, and comes out with it""). More important, boys in Freddy's shoes should be both reassured by the awareness that they are not alone in their perplexity and gradually enlightened along with Freddy as first his father and then his college boy coach clear up the mechanical details, explain why it's also called ""making love,"" and assure him that yes, it's fun, but a long way in the future for him. Though perhaps undeserving of a fiction classification, this is a charmingly personalized approach to sex education, and it would probably be a big help to other Freddys to file at least a ""see"" card under the word they'll be looking up.

Pub Date: Aug. 13th, 1973
ISBN: 0595008003
Publisher: Random House