PART 35 by John Nicholas Iannuzzi


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Negro, Puerto Rican, junky, a police record, a cop killed, and he's supposed to have confessed."" Not the easiest defendant to defend or believe but Sandro, a lawyer with a social conscience does both in this strong, somewhat overlong, novel. Luiz Alvarado yells frame, and he is the perfect patsy with only shreds of an alibi. Sandro must pick up the pieces, thrown all over the Lower East Side and destroy the crux of the matter--Luiz's confession which he claims to have been beaten out of him. The trail leads to some Bellevue hospital records and some strange revelations about one of the cops on the scene at the time of the murder. It reads like a courtroom transcript and Sandro comes off as the poor man's Perry Mason. For those who like trials and tribulations.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1970
Publisher: Baron