MR. JUSTICE BLACK: The Man and His Opinions by John P. Frank

MR. JUSTICE BLACK: The Man and His Opinions

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An easily readable but somewhat superficial story of Mr. Justice Black of the U.S. Supreme Court, and a layman's condensation of some of Black's more important opinions. From a small country in Alabama to the highest court in the land -- the practice of the law, politics culminating in election to the U.S. Senate, appointment to the Supreme Court- the character of this Southern liberal in the forming- his contacts and close affinity with the philosophy of the New Deal. Basically, a powerful and articulate liberal, Black has given the lie to the theory that there is no effective force for progress below the Mason-Dixon line. Opinions presented outline Black's strong reaction against monopoly, restriction on civil liberties, denial of governmental control of economic forces. The sampling of his more than three hundred opinions is good, and representative. This has appeal for both lawyers and laymen, who will find it revealing of the background of formal Supreme Court procedure and decisions.

Publisher: Knopf