NEVER SAY DIE by John Paton
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Delightful reading -- and fits readily into the category of books such as The Wind and the Rain by Thomas Burke, Arches of the Years by Halliday Sutherland, etc. From a Scotch slum lad, through a succession of odd jobs, -- printer's devil, dry goods clerk, baker, barber, beauty shop operator -- and bit by bit, a growing partisan of the labor cause, until at the close of this volume (it gives hint of another in the offing), he becomes a professional agitator. An intensely human story, lightened with flashes of wit, keen powers of observation, and an innate power as a story teller. It is a factual autobiography rather than a deliberately psychological one -- but the people and the scenes come alive, and one knows them as if from first hand knowledge. Rare charm. Should sell well.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1935
Publisher: Longmans, Green