JOURNEY TO SOMEWHERE by John Patrick Carroll-Abbing


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In narrative form, Monsignor Carroll-Abbing gives what amounts to a rather generalized case history of childhood enduring and changing in the crucible of war. His little hero Gennariello had grown impulsive and independent and strong in a happy family in Naples. But first his mother died, then war came. Orphaned, on his own, he fought Germans, trusted Americans; involvement in a raid on an Allied warehouse faced him with the choice of an orphanage or prison. In the harsh atmosphere of the orphanage, where the director disliked him particularly, he hardened, but finally ran home to Naples and acted as a guide to Americans. Still searching for love and direction, he stumbled onto Boys' Town, where he found what he needed to grow strong again. While the general story rings true, there is little depth of characterization here. Perhaps the material should have been presented as case history.

Publisher: Longmans, Green