DELIGHTISM by John Pflaum


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Most of us suffer, believes therapist Pflaum, from inhibitions forced on us by an oppressive system. Even democracy is only an attempt ""to convince the victims of suffering to cooperate voluntarily with the government that oppresses them."" Why do we suffer? Because our sexual, aggressive, and curiosity outlets are blocked. To unblock? Subscribe to the tenets of ""Delightism"" and wander on down to one of Pflaum's projected therapeutic nude orgies. They open up everything. After the gala gang bangs, fanciful sexual postures which leave the Danes at the post, and frequent group attentions to individuals with recalcitrant ex-and secretions, one should emerge with the ""intellect of the Delightist. . . like that of Pan -- half human, half animal."" There is some sort of ""Oracle"" questionnaire after the orgy prospecti, but the reader's shaggy hindquarters probably won't twitch. One wonders which half of author Pflaum should wear a muzzle.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall