THE HUMAN BRAIN by John Plffer


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A lively anatomy of the human brain, some ""three pounds of messy substance"", the complex of responses it performs, and the many patterns of conduct it controls, this is of course a quite fascinating area of inquiry. And so, from the brain itself, how it evolved, operates, and changes with age- there are many other conduits: our emotional centers and our brain waves; memory- and the different types of association; sleeping, waking, and dreaming; the types of damage and disease which can affect the brain, pain, and the sensitivity to it; neurosis- and the variables of mental illness-while a visit to a state mental hospital illustrates the therapies in use today- shock and drugs and psychosurgery.... A popularly exploratory and explanatory discussion of this the most complex- and often incalculable-organ, for the inquiring minds in a general reader audience.

Publisher: Harper