MILLION-MILER: The Story of an Air Pilot by John R. Tunis
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MILLION-MILER: The Story of an Air Pilot

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TWA's Jack Zimmerman is the subject of this stream-lined pageant of commercial aviation, its roots in the stiff course of training given by the US Army, the strenuous days of beginning commercial aviation, only about thirteen years ago, days that took grit and imagination as well as brains and judgment and skill. Zimmerman's career dramatizes almost every facet of commercial flying; where it fails to include a point Tunis wishes to make, he brings it in through the experiences of some other flier, thus personifying the whole brief glorious record for success and failure and success. Somewhat colloquial in style, it makes the use of the ""lingo"" part of the whole, and gives any reader a better birdseys view of what has been achieved than any routine sort of story could have done.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1942
Publisher: Messner