THE VAMPIRES by John Rechy


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This witchcraft, astrology, voodoo and assorted Tarotdiddle takes place on an island, the Toteninsl of one Richard who has always collected beautiful people and makes ""actions inevitable."" The latter might include anything from confession to resurrection with assorted rituals of blasphemy and obscenity in between; and the former include Richard's three wives, sons, the unassailably lovely Savannah and the consummately evil Malissa waiting to assert her power. Along with everything ""exuding violent sexuality,"" there are Scorpios and scorpions, whips and wild roses, black sheets and black rosaries, not to forget the everpresent pale blue condom with a cloverleaf. In fact Mr. Rechy, who is all jacked up, sees everything in living or is it dying color -- even the ""purple laughter."" And the other high includes drag. Think of it as a ghastly conglomerate -- say Warhol and Genet and Mary Shelley and Shelley Berman.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1971
Publisher: Grove