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by John Ringo

Pub Date: April 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-7434-3540-0
Publisher: Baen

Third in Ringo's series of military science fiction yarns about an invasion of Earth by the predatory, centaurlike Posleen (the multispecies, pacifist galactic confederation can't fight the Posleen; the dominant Darhel intend to use humans to do the job, but fear the aftermath). The Posleen invasion of Earth has to be reckoned a success; the only significant undefeated region is North America, where the US holds Appalachia in the east and the Rockies in the west. The Posleen—semi-intelligent hordes guided by centurion God Kings—use wave upon wave of assault tactics to overwhelm defenses; despite their huge losses, they breed rapidly and can eat either humans or their own dead. Still, advanced weaponry aside, they have weaknesses: they can't stop artillery or cross significant barriers. A few Posleen, however, seem to be developing more advanced tactics—bad news for the human defenders, outnumbered thousands to one. The action here spans the period September 11–27, 2009, and details the progress of a huge Posleen attack in Georgia aimed at breaching the eastern defensive line and threatening nearby underground cities. So serious is the threat that nuclear weapons, hitherto banned, may be required to stem the tide.

The usual cast of familiar, well-drawn characters, layer upon layer of military procedure, and slathering of weapons and tactics, but, this time, loads of chat, little action save in the closing chapters, and no attempt to update the Big Picture. Your move.