WORK AS YOU LIKE IT: A Look at Unusual Jobs by John & Rosemary Stroer Ott

WORK AS YOU LIKE IT: A Look at Unusual Jobs

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A Minnesota couple with a seminary background fulfill their commitment to service as co-directors of a small town community center. Another couple runs a Victorian seaside inn, and a former nuclear engineer and his wife work for themselves as white water guides. A Maine executive's two outdoorsy sons turned a hobby into a going oyster farm, and a young woman with one film-making course overcomes sex prejudice as a CBS camera technician. Other young people profiled here include a freelance cartoonist, a sailmaker, a fashion publicist, a rock-and-roller, and an undercover policewoman. The French-trained New York chef from Barbados commands a handsome salary, the former secretary who teaches riding is happy with her lower pay. All are doing what they like, some what they've always wanted, in more or less offbeat careers. They are profiled, however, in superstraight prose. Still, it's a sampling that might start a young person putting dreams and plans together.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1979
Publisher: Messner