UNDER COVER by John Roy Carlsen


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The most comprehensive -- the most conclusive survey of Nasi espionage in the U.S. that has reached us so far. In 1933 Carlson witnessed -- and was incensed by -- the killing of the Armenian archbishop. In 1938 he started as a freelance investigator of subversive organizations which led to his membership in over 30 of them -- his personal as a ""patriot"" of hundreds of Fascists the country over. Under the alias of George , he went to the Stahrenberg school in M.Y.C., peddled literature, edited a poison paper. Here are the familiar names, since then revealed, Coughlin and Moseley, Polley, Joe McWiliams, Viereck, Mrs. Dilling, Mrs. Fry, Laura Ingalls, Lindbergh, Ford; here are Congressmen in league with them, -Nye, Wheeler, Rankin, Hamilton Fish, Thorhelson; here are their hangouts from Harlem to Park Avenue to Jarsey's Camp Siegfried. When New York got too hot for him, he went across country to Detroit, where he found the National Workers' League the most vicious of them all. He rounds up innumerable agencies, innocent seeming organizations, Mothers' Clubs, publications, participants -- the most pervasive, and persuasive, evidence so far released. Sensational -- and may get a press.

Publisher: Dutton