NAUGHTY NANCY by John S.--Illus. Goodall


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This will probably enchant admirers of The Midnight Adventures of Kelly, Dot and Esmeralda (KR, 1973), but for those of us who have found Goodall's recent wordless flap books increasingly cloying it's a new low. The subject is a stylish (old style) wedding, set in soaring church and stately country home, featuring champagne and hanging flower baskets in the reception tent, red carpet and scurrying servants, morning-suited males and ladies in fox stoles and feathers. . . the works. The fact that the participants are all mice presumably adds to the miniature charm of it all, and comic relief is provided in the form of the little pink clad flower girl who is literally into everything--from the wedding cake (before the ceremony) to the bride's trunk as it rides off for the wedding trip in the back of the couple's elegant horseless carriage. There's never a faux pas in Goodall's faithfully detailed, delicately toned paintings, but we'll leave this one for those doting relics of the carriage trade who are given to looking backwards.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1975
Publisher: Atheneum