PADDY'S NEW HAT by John S.--Illus. Goodall


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There's a surprise--a disaster-waiting for poor Paddy the ingenuous, put-upon pig at every turn of the half-page this time 'round. . . and some you can see coming, some not. When Paddy strides out of the store, jauntily sporting his new hat, the wind blowing up around the corner is bound to blow it off--and it does. But when the wind carries the hat into the police station and Paddy, in pursuit, is presented with a paper to sign, who would guess that this meek, almost wistful pig is enlisting in the Force? The wordless story carries Paddy through various debacles as a policeman (handcuffed to a bulldog-culprit, he's borne off by the brute; directing traffic at a busy intersection, he's soon awhirl in the chaos) until he providentially sights and quick-thinkingly captures a very ratty-looking thief. The final (undivided) double-page spread shows him--modest, as always--receiving a medal from the king and the acclaim of the court. Sure-fire.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum