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OUTRAGE by John Sandford


From the Singular Menace series, volume 2

by John Sandford ; Michele Cook

Pub Date: July 14th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-385-75309-8
Publisher: Knopf

After rescuing her autistic brother, Odin, Shay and her troupe of teen terrorists continue their campaign to take down the evil corporation Singular (Uncaged, 2014).

The flash drives Odin stole from a lab and endured torture to protect have put Singular, a secretive research firm, on the defensive and on his trail. Singular’s toughs are also hunting the siblings in hopes of recovering X, a technologically augmented dog, and Fenfang, a Chinese teenager and human guinea pig in an experiment to implant the personality of another person in her mind. With the help of guerilla artist Twist, a couple of street kids he’s helped, and a marijuana-growing trust-fund brat, Shay tries to expose Singular’s illegal experiments…but when Singular’s corporate supporters turn out to be heads of state with access to the CIA, FBI, and NSA, is that still possible, even with help from the inside? Sandford and Cook churn out another often sluggish thriller. With the opening volume’s preliminaries out of the way, there is a bit more action here than in Book 1, but it comes in fits and starts. Dull villains, some clunky dialogue, and far too much planning before each action sequence do nothing to keep the pages turning; with the main characters in peril at the close, it’s ultimately unsatisfying.

Fans of the first may enjoy; others need not apply.

(Thriller. 15-18)