DAVIS by John Scanlan


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I am about to become one of the great men of history"" intones John Paul Davis after hardly five minutes with his new roommate, O'Brien (the narrator who plays an unbelievable Boswell to this dim chapter in fictional history). They are both cadets at a military college where Davis maintains a brilliant, aggressive, agitating presence. Unfortunately, even after predicting the entire fall of the Maginot Line (this takes place just as Hitler is beginning his campaign in Europe), Davis is ousted because of insubordination. In the meantime O'Brien has discovered Davis' homosexual tendencies. . . something that the Army will also notice when Davis enlists and tries to work up from buck private. His penchant for unorthodox strategies merits a whack at the Burma Campaign where he joins Wingate's raiders, eventually takes charge of a native division and becomes a kind of Lawrence of Burma before being shot by a revengeful lover. Much later, after losing a wife (O'Brien cuckolds him) and gaining a star we find him making the supreme sacrifice in Korea. Olive drab in high drag.

Pub Date: July 3rd, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday