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This is a resume and analysis of the present and near-future state of the cold war, by a well-informed journalist and Time correspondent, who recently (1954) travelled through North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, and spent short periods behind the iron curtain in Berlin and Vienna. He is full of opinions and ideas, which can briefly be summarized as follows; co-existence with Russia is possible because it has been going on for 37 years; negotiation is desirable since war would be inconceivably destructive; isolationism would be suicide. What remains is political warfare which consists of economic sanctions of various kinds; a reasonable tariff policy; an intelligent use of radio broadcasts; an intelligent use of refugee populations for liberation purposes; and an active, well established intelligence service. In most of these fields the author seems to think we could do a little better than we so far have done. The most lively parts of his book are on-the-spot reports about North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey... Not a book for extremists, but a tolerable middle-of-the-road prgram and a timely review of the current situation.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1955
Publisher: John Day