STARBUCK by John Selby


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A sensitive story of a boy's growing up, an artist's struggle to live as other people, a young man's desire to serve his country in war, a husband's problem of adjustment in the face of an unusual career and musical fame -- are the essentials of a lifeline and penetrating portrait. Haunted by the shame of his illegitimate birth (as set forth in Island in the Corn (June 15th bulletin, 1941) Brant, a sensitive, artistic child prodigy , is persuaded, with difficulty to go on with his career and continue in his old relationship of ""nephew"" in the family. Then studies in New York and Germany, his debut, his love affairs and marriage, his enlistment in the Navy in World War I, the accident which ends his career as pianist, and the start of his new life work -- plausible problems facing Brant as man, artist, father and husband, that are resolved into acceptable solutions. For readers of the earlier book, and those looking for something more than just another novel.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1943
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart