COURAGE by John Shannon


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A thoroughly modern guerrilla adventure with a love interest that has all the smart sexiness and deadly magnetism of Bogart-Bacall. Louis Brown is just a free-lance revolutionary moving on from stirring up South America to bridging the gulf between the races in Africa via four crates of automatic rifles to be delivered to rebels in the hills of Malawi. Undercover as a construction worker, though, he fall for a co-worker's spoiled adulteress wife, Mannie, who's ""honest, whatever it's worth"" in the Great Bitch tradition. Shannon, who indicates he's trafficked in Malawi politics himself, emphasizes individual heroism whether Brown is finishing off a poisonous puff adder or tackling a marauding lion with his bare hands. . . or after Mannie betrays him for his own good, suicidally joining the doomed rebel band for one last meaningful act. . . . Despite the lectures on how Justice is really spelled Just Us, the message is spelled machismo.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1975
Publisher: Norton