IN FEAR OF SILENCE by John Slimming


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This has something of the quality of a Mark Derby suspense story, in the eerie quality of the Malayan background, the skilled handling of the effect of all-pervading fear on people variously situated in relation to the central fact. Peter Lance has been sent on a mission patrol with Chinese Ex-Communists, deep into the jungle without means of communication. Too late, the Headquarters in town learn that he will probably he caught between two bands of armed Communists, heading for a rendezvous. Nobody wants the responsibility for its having happened. Lance's roommate plans a counter-action which should carry its own jungle message. The reader is thrust into first one situation, then another- and the end has its own high drama and poignancy. Throughout, there is the sense of the human element in conflicts between opposed beliefs. Good reading- several steps above average in its field.

Publisher: Harper