THE TOWNSMAN by John Sodges


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A substantial novel of the opening of America's middle west --of the making of a town in the Kansas pratrle. The central figure is an English boy, who reluctantly faces, with his mother and brothers and sisters, the unknown country to which the father had proceeded them. The period was the opening up of homesteading after the Civil War; the little English family formed a small segment of a great movement that left them behind. When his father wanted to seek greener pastures, Jonathan stayed behind and worked towards the town of his youthful vision, and the school for which he had laid the foundations. He loved -- and lost -- the girl who could not have shared that vision; he married the girl who loved him. This is the story of America growing, an undramatized story of simple people -- new blood in the American main stream.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1945
Publisher: John Day