OVERLANDING: Roaming the World on Four Wheels by John Steele Gordon

OVERLANDING: Roaming the World on Four Wheels

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Overlanding--driving long distances by van or truck or car--will not be everyone's idea of the hassle-free vacation but it is one way of seeing remote parts of the world on the cheap. Gordon spells out everything you will need to take along for a successful trip, beginning with a detailed consideration of the biggest capital investment, the vehicle--if you're going over rough terrain a four-wheel drive is best and don't forget the tools and spare parts. Clothes, cooking utensils, passports, visas, medical supplies, camping equipment are all itemized with a warning that most people bring too much and ""when in doubt, leave it out."" Most useful though will be the miscellaneous information (Afghanistan has the best roads in Asia; Bolivia, unlike most of Latin America, has nothing but toll roads; a Portuguese visa will be a liability in black Africa, etc.). There's an extensive chapter on cameras for the photography buff; instructions on receiving money/mail from home and many pointers on how to avoid getting into trouble with the locals. Re drinking water, Gordon suggests you take W. C. Fields' advice and ""never touch the stuff"" unless bottled, but not all the advice is so obvious. Gordon estimates that the costs, once the initial outlay is made, should be no more than fifty dollars a month in Third World countries and one hundred in Europe. That means roughing it at campsites and cooking your own food most of the time, but adventurous souls will see infinitely more than folks who opt for a package tour.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1975
Publisher: Harper & Row