PLANTS AND SEEDS by John Stidworthy


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Magnify the element iridium 3,000,000 times and see individual atoms; examine a cell nucleus at x 15,000 to view sausage-shaped mitochondria; take a look at bacteria, a virus, spore or dividing cell. All are here in vivid color, photographed through a hand lens, microscope, and/or electron microscope. In each case the degree of magification--as well as the type of microscope--is given; a brief text and related drawings further understanding. (Editing, though, is occasionally careless: in Atoms, the text states that there are five bacteriophages invading a cell, whereas the photo shows three.) A typical spread shows a strawberry in a cutaway drawing, then photographed in three ascending degrees of magnification. A brief description of microscopes and microphotography, plus experiments to try, are included. Both books are exciting additions to the ""Through the Microscope"" series. Glossary; index.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1990
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Watts