SIMPLE ANIMALS by John Stidworthy


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This volume in The Encyclopedia of the Animal World surveys some of the 250,000 species of animals without backbones that live in the sea, fresh water, or in moist land habitats, including 25 representative species of protozoa, jellyfish, crabs, earthworms, octopuses, etc. Striking color photos and the many useful line drawings are the best features here; the text, though intended for nonspecialists, can be technical (""Many bivalves have part of the mantle elongated into a siphon or tube to act as a water channel""). Brief reference boxes use 19 pictorial symbols to give information on activity time, young-adult comparison, conservation status, habitat, and diet; browsers will need to flip to the front to decode. While visually attractive and useful for its brief sequential look at invertebrates, the book is limited by the brevity and lack of detail in its classification chart, glossary, bibliography, and index.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1990
Page count: 96pp
Publisher: Facts on File