HOPE IN AMERICA by John Strachey


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News value in this since Strachey's entrance into this country, has created so much talk. It will be avidly read as an answer to the query of what danger Strachey represents. Actually, it is a somewhat mild and certainly in no sense a revolutionary statement of the struggle for power in the United States, of the hope of the U. S. becoming, ultimately and without too drastic methods, a Socialist state. He analyzes the policies of the New Deal, not wholly approving them, because he feels they are bolstering capitalism, but accepting them as leads in the right direction, of putting purchasing power in the hands of the greater number. He urges support of Roosevelt in so far as Roosevelt does not turn back to reaction. He defines Socialism more clearly than our own Socialists have done, and presents the view of the Soviet State as evidence that Socialism exists and works. The book is easy reading, plausible, and challenging. His presentation of the differences between dictatorship in the Fascist countries and the Soviet State clarifies an issue. His contention that America must find a way to resist Fascism, or fall before it, is well taken. A book, that for various reasons, will achieve a substantial sale.

ISBN: 1171857977
Publisher: Modern Age