A PICTURE HISTORY OF RUSSIA by John Stuart -- Ed. Martin


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No to grind, no doctrine to promote -- but simple one main purpose, to instruct the average man in the street, to help plain people obtain a plain picture of who the Russians are, where they came from, what they have done, who has led them. Here is one of the world's great new forces -- and most of the rest of the world is ignorant about them. The bibliography suggests many facets of the picture -- different lines to follow. The book is primarily what it calls itself -- a picture history. It must have taken deep digging to unearth some of the material -- old prints, paintings, sketches from old sources, maps, etc. The more recent photographic material is much of it fine, but all in all the value of the book lies not in the quality of the craftsmanship and the art of photography, but in its all-inclusiveness, and in the running text and captions which build together to achieve the goal. The reproduction and printing might have been better, if it had not been done on war paper and conditions not conductive to the best of book making.

Publisher: Crown