CALVIN: Institutes of the Christian Religion by John T.- Ed. McNeill

CALVIN: Institutes of the Christian Religion

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The intention of the Westminister Library of Christian Classics is to present in the English language, in 26 volumes of convenient size, a selection of the indispensable Christian treatises written prior to the end of the sixteenth century. Such publication is doubly necessary in these days of the ""small Greek and less Latin"" to be found even among the better educated of our university graduates. But such material as is here presented is not an elective, optional subject for those who would seriously study and truly understand the history of Protestant Christianity. Calvin's Institutes have profoundly affected and changed the thinking and behavior of countless men and women since they were first published. Dr. Ford Battles, professor of Church History at the Hartford Theological Seminary, has done a masterful work in this translation. All libraries must have it, and there must be many students who would wish to have their own copy for ready reference. It's a big book and the price is proportionate.

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 1960
Publisher: Westminister