THE LOOK OF EAGLES by John T. Godfrey


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This autobiography of one of America's top World War II aces was prompted by Godfrey's confrontation with illness -- incurable multiple sclerosis which struck him in October of 1956. Beginning his story in 1941 when he ran away from home to join the Royal Canadian Air Force, he reviews his days with the RAF in '42, his numerous missions with the U.S. Air Force, until, having destroyed 29 aircraft, toping Rickenbacker's World War I record, he returned to the U.S. a hero. On a subsequent mission near Hanover, he crashed, has taken prisoner and was later liberated when the Americans crossed the Rhine. Back in the U.S. he married, now has two sons. He was persuaded to run for the Senate in Rhode Island where he served briefly before joining his father-in-law's firm and he remained there until he was stricken. Now, having followed every possibility of a cure, he waits with some initial bitterness, bewilderment, finally resignation, for the inevitable. The effect of this account can only be depressing.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1958
Publisher: Random House