THE GOOD BEASTS by John T. Rowland


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Memories, Mostly Fond, of Animals, Wild And Tame,"" says the subtitle, and mostly fond they are. Also they are mostly of horses and dogs, with a burro, a crow, a Kodiak bear, some moose, seals, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, and a few assorted humans thrown in for good measure. Mr. Rowland is a resident of a remote Maine farm who seems to have spent nearly all of a very pleasant 75 or 80 years in similar surroundings. His reminiscences of his family and pets are gentle, humorous, literate, occasionally oredulous, and they all have a patina of long ago and far away. We can either believe, or smile at, his subtle anthropomorphism and his anecdotes featuring ESP. But certainly none but the hardest-hearted will scoff at the quiet love of life in all forms and the firm satisfaction derived from simple pleasures.

Publisher: Norton