JING by John Taintor Foote
Kirkus Star


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What a dog tale this man can tell! And what a dog, this pointer, to tell about! Here is a story that has the same quality that made ""The Voice of Bugle Ann"" so indescribably appealing, and a book that will appeal to the same sporting, dog-loving audience. You'll find sport aplenty, thrills abundant, and plenty of pluck and pathos in grand old Jing's repertoire. Jing is the sort of dog that is every owner's hope and despair, for he is one in a million. However, he is a type Field Trial enthusiasts spend their lives working for, the type that would make as good a showing in a rough day's shooting as at the Trials or on the bench, if the Judge had an eye for pure dog -- instead of stuffed pointer. All the sporting dog owners, Field Trialers, dog lovers, and Derrydale collectors will want this book. There are enough Foote collectors alone to use up the edition of 950 copies. Illustrated in Aiden Ripley's inimitable style.

Publisher: Derrydale