THE FIGHTING SOUTH by John Temple Graves


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A native Georgian this time surveys the South, investigating the psychological scare conditioning present day attitudes. He notes the contradictions, as exemplifying the worst everywhere in America, he explores the problems of the Negro, the farmer, politics, religion, the tradition of aristocracy, women; he shows his agreement and his variance with other writers in the field, -- Daniels, Cohn, Faulkner, Caldwell, making his points of controversial interest. One senses a strong personal feeling about the South, as well as factual reportage, underlining the importance of this war in releasing the South from pathological contemplation of its problems in stimulating rather than forcing it to steps in the right direction for solutions of its pressing problems. For serious students of the challenge of the South, though in neither style nor content is it pedantic nor monotonous. Somewhat regional in market appeal.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1943
ISBN: 1152461966
Publisher: Putnam