HOW TO KEEP GOD ALIVE FROM 9 TO 5 by John V. Chervokas


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The premise here is that the businessman who prays untethered, stays together. Chervokas, who formerly gave Us Pinstripe Prayers, is destined to be remembered as the creator of ""Please. . .don't squeeze the Charmin."" Chervokas brings his acumen for the biting, pithy phrase to his higher task. The idea that gives birth to this book is, or course, that most of us close the door on God when we leave our homes every morning and don't open it again until we return. Enter this datebook approach to prayer. The business day is broken down into sections: driving to work, coffee break, meetings, opening the mail, interviews, firing employees, elevator rides, cab rides, the business lunch, etc. For each, Chervokas provides apt thoughts geared to keeping the day focused on God and the godly life. En route, he coins cutesy words, such as ""sacravivify"" and ""hermaphrodeity."" As a result, despite fine intentions, this book suffers from triteness--the bane of the self-help book genre--and cuteness. (See, for example, ""Prayers of Someone Ordering Coffee"" or descriptions of ""Godprops"" used to remind ourselves of the meaning of life--such as rubber bands, paper clips, and opaquing fluid, which symbolizes forgiveness in Chervokas' catechism.) Too many doses of this kind of stuff, and readers will flock back thankfully to simpler orisons.

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 1985
Publisher: Doubleday