ARGENTINA The Life Story of a Nation by John W. White

ARGENTINA The Life Story of a Nation

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A thoughtful picture of the important youngest South American republic, of decidedly current interest and worthy of study. It is solid history and interpretation of political, economic, social and ethnical aspects of Argentina. The author was for many years a New York Times correspondent in Argentina, and has also served in the consular service. He makes an effort to clarify for the North American the specific problems of Argentina, why the population is white rather than mestizo, whence its economic leadership, why its isolationist character, what is the future of Democracy there, to what extent it is Fascist. He traces its history, its milestones of progress, its present day status and issues, the differences between Argentina and the U. S. He shows the record of foreign penetration, the foreign policies, the British and American influences, the German and Italian influences, the whys of Argentina dislike of the U. S. and the ways we can collaborate. Good staple.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1942
Publisher: Viking