TAKE MURDER by John Wainwright


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Psycho-killings of prostitutes, with a copper as chief suspect--as narrator Inspector Edmund Caan sees all evidence pointing to poor Constable Turnbull. It's Turnbull, in fact, who finds the first strangled body--that of Emilia Walters. And when Turnbull discovers a second similarly-murdered prositute and is revealed to have had a liaison with Emilia, he's on a fast trip to a life sentence. . . helped along by his ambitious superiors. But loner Caan is sure of Turnbull's innocence, brooding about it at length in the house he shares with a sweet aunt and a self-righteous mother. And when a third body is found after Turnbull's conviction, the story moves quickly into some melodramatic, ironic twists. Despite a draggy, repetitive first half--the most readable Wainwright in quite some time, with the florid-pulp style toned down somewhat and the psycho-gimmicks rather more somber and convincing this time around.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's