CLOUDS OF GUILT by John Wainwright


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Banker Charles Ryder, another in the author's string of beleaguered heroes (Dominoes, etc.), has been tried and found innocent of conspiring with bank robbers. Joy turns to bitterness, however, when wife Anne and grown son and daughter indicate disagreement with the verdict, topped by dismissal from his job. Then picked up for questioning in the shooting of Anne, he escapes with help from the criminal network that attempted the robbery. He's moved to Liverpool, given a new identity and groomed for a part in an upcoming gold heist. Its meticulous planning, under the supervision of never-seen head honcho ""The Colonel,"" comes rather miraculously unstuck with unexpected consequences for Ryder. A fast moving, flamboyant plot, not amenable to close scrutiny, less than the usual padding and pontificating, a likable hero and some neat zigzagging twists make this one of Wainwright's better efforts.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1985
Publisher: St. Martin's