RIVER KEEPER by John Walker Hills


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Riverkeeper of the Test"" means to the fisherman acquainted with that famous trout stream -- William James Lunn: A position something akin to the High priests -- who barred the way to the Holy of Holies. Starting life as a poor boy, with work in a brick factory at seven, Lunn was the true naturalist whom nothing could deter. By dint of courage and hard work he became an authority in many lines. As an angler he is skilled, famous as the tier of ""Lunn's Particulars"", a wizard at re-stocking with mayfly, etc. and probably unequalled in his knowledge of river and angling lore. The book has a wide human appeal for Lunn is worth knowing and Major Hills has all the background necessary to paint a portrait that fisherman, naturalist, or any reader will thoroughly enjoy besides acquiring a fund of information on the subjects, of angling and fly-tying.

Publisher: Scribner