PILEBUCK by John & Ward Hawkins
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First rate melodrama, this, with all the ingredients and timeliness as well. The setting -- a huge shipyard -- ""somewhere in the Northwest""; sabotage is going on continually and the F.M.I. knows some of the principals involved, but needs to know the whole integrated schedule from inside. One of their operators is put in as a pilebuck, and takes terrific punishment from the professionals. Throughout you get the panorama of the yards, the pace of the work, the pride of the workmen in their share in the war. Good industrial background -- with some off the record talk about union rackets, etc. Grand adventure, and -- in an original way, the introduction of a romantic note. Men will love it -- it's good escape but with a contemporary theme. In times when most spy stories have a background of underground Europe, this is news.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1943
Publisher: Dutton