HAIL, HERO! by John Weston


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John Weston's Hero is Karl Dixon, second born and always #2 son of a prominent Southwestern family who have been inclined to disregard him. Or not listen, which is what happens now during this one day stretch when he comes home to tell them he's dropped out of college and joined up, although he's always been a pacifist. Not so the Dixons--particularly his hombre duro father who has no tolerance for unorthodoxy or cowardice;his brother would have been the one to carry on a fighting family tradition were it not for the accident which had crippled him and which Karl has come home to proclaim and prove his ""impossible dream""-- to show them that you can't fight war by not fighting, to overturn graven images and fallen idols, and to show that he's readier to be killed than to kill.... The thesis to some may seem as disingenuous as Karl, but it's a primary, contemporary theme handled with an idealistic bravura and conviction.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1967
Publisher: McKay