MEN AND VOLTS: The Story of General Electric by John Winthrop Hammond

MEN AND VOLTS: The Story of General Electric

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This is an official General Electric publication, so don't look for a critical analysis of the men and the history of this one of our greatest industrial empires. Having assumed that, we can accept the fact that here is a very illuminating and entertaining record of the step by step progress from the first abortive efforts to harness power to our electrically controlled world. The story was written up to 1922, before Hammond's death. Arthur Pounds has brought it up to date, though the modern developments are briefly and lightly etched in, wholly out of balance with their importance and significance. Perhaps another book will be written a few years hence, with equal perspective. Plus sale for boys.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1941
ISBN: 1152669826
Publisher: Lippincott